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Think you know everything there is to know about STUNTMAN, or have acquired enough information from this web site to take on a career as a stuntman? Well, here is your chance to prove yourself by taking the STUNTMAN Trivia Quiz. This quiz consists of fifteen multiple choice questions. These questions will be rotated every so often so that there are new challenging questions to answer. So enjoy and good luck

Let's Play Trivia

Please answer the following questions, and then submit the form.

1.) What high school did STUNTMAN graduate from?

South Plainfield High School
Dunellen High School
Bound Brook High School

2.) What position did STUNTMAN play on the high school football team?


3.) What year did STUNTMAN play on a team that won a sectional championship?


4.) What was the most successful movie Mark Riccardi performed in?

Battlefield Earth
Primary Colors

5.) What actor on Star-Trek does Mark Riccardi perform stunts for?

William Shatner
Johnathan Frakes
Patrick Stewart

6.) Mark is one of three stuntmen from what town?

South Brunswick
Perth Amboy
South Plainfield

7.) Name the stuntman who Mark followed out to Hollywood after he appeared on the Tonight Show?

Evil Kenevil
Dennis Madalone
Irving Lewis

8.) What Chuck Norris film did Mark work in?

Eye For An Eye
Walker: Texas Ranger
Missing In Action

9.) What show was Mark's first big break?

The Greatest American Hero
The Great American Traffic Jam
The Incredible Hulk

10.) What major university did Mark play football at?

West Virginia
Penn State

Click to submit your data:

Thank you once again for participating!!!

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