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The following are a series of pictures of my work in some of my earlier films including the box office smash Broken Arrow. Click on the thumbnails below to see larger versions of the images.  Hope you enjoy.

Broken_Arrow.jpg (23195 bytes)
On location with the crew of Broken Arrow
Big_Stunt_In_Broken_Arrow.jpg (25228 bytes)
Performing in the major stunt scene in Broken Arrow
Shoot_At_Broken_Arrow.jpg (79551 bytes)
On the set of Broken Arrow
Primary_Colors.jpg (31068 bytes)
Taking a break with Emma Thompson during Primary Colors
Christian_Slater .jpg (15050 bytes)
On the Set of Broken Arrow with Christian Slater
Tracy_In_Ice.jpg (23774 bytes)
Mark with Traci Lords on the set of Ice in 1989.
Princess_Warriors_1983.jpg (25517 bytes)
Filming a scene in Princess Soldiers in 1983
Marc_Riccardi.jpg (29444 bytes)
Just an ordinary head shot.

Mark with Without A Trace Star Anthony LaPaglia
fishing.jpg (24110 bytes)
Going fishing with my friend Mike
lexi.jpg (23959 bytes)
At the beach with my niece Lexi.
On_The_Set.jpg (34428 bytes)
Taking A Break on the Set
Howie_Long.jpg (27874 bytes)
On the set of Broken Arrow with Howie Long
simba.jpg (27282 bytes)
At Home with My Dog Simba

Action scene from TV Series Heroes

On the set of Heroes with Greg Grunberg

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