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face_off.jpg (49817 bytes)
Diving for cover.
Escape_From_Explosion.jpg (15959 bytes)
Still fleeing the scene
Face_Off_Convict.jpg (43843 bytes)
Playing the part of a Prison Convict.
Face_Off_Prison_Scene.jpg (77707 bytes)
A sample of the prison life I had to endure.
Prison_Fight_FO.jpg (66601 bytes)
Playing the role of spectator.
Prison_Scene.jpg (66049 bytes)
Fighting for survival.
Getting_Ready_To_Jump_FO .jpg (32489 bytes)
Let's Get The Hell Out of Here
Performing_Boat_Scene.jpg (25251 bytes)
Getting Ready To Get Off The Boat
Face_Off_Grand_Entrance.jpg (30046 bytes)
Standing On Top Of The World
Fight_W_Nic_Cage.jpg (74877 bytes)
More Brawling with Nic Cage.
Face_Off_JW_NC.jpg (63879 bytes)
With Director John Woo and Nic Cage.
Face_Off_Stab_Me.jpg (87236 bytes)
Stab Me.
Face_Off_Boat_Scene.jpg (68053 bytes)
Boat scene in B&W.
Before_Explosion_FO.jpg (67255 bytes)
Boat scene in Color.
Face_Off_Explosion.jpg (72242 bytes)
Classic Boat Explosion.
Face_Off_Explosion_BW.jpg (75139 bytes)
Classic Boat Explosion
After_Explosion_FO.jpg (59172 bytes)
Beginning of Boat Explosion.
Hanging_In_There.jpg (49531 bytes)
Hanging In There.
Still_Flying.jpg (51883 bytes)
Flying into Battle.
Still_Flying.jpg (51883 bytes)
Still Flying.
Slugging_It_Out.jpg (68520 bytes)
Slugging It Out! 
Boat_Scene.jpg (25963 bytes)
Boat Scene
Boat_Explosion.jpg (20077 bytes)
Getting Away Just In Time

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